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Our major product revolutionizes DeFi with three interconnected APIs for dynamic fee optimization, each impactful on its own:

  1. Dynamic Slippage Prediction API: Utilizes AI to forecast real-time slippage with high accuracy, analyzing factors like AMM fees and liquidity depth. It's foundational for optimizing fees and understanding market dynamics without external oracles.

  2. AI-based Arbitrage Model API: Investigates slippage distribution and MEV impacts to identify arbitrage opportunities, enhancing dynamic fee adjustments and serving standalone uses for various DeFi participants.

  3. Dynamic Fee Optimization API: Integrates insights from slippage and arbitrage models to dynamically adjust fees, promoting a balanced DeFi ecosystem. This flagship API uses a no-oracle approach for fee optimization, ensuring fairness and efficiency for liquidity providers and traders alike.

Together, these APIs deliver a comprehensive solution for dynamic fee optimization, significantly improving DeFi trading efficiency and fairness.

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