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Our service meticulously balances various elements, such as slippage changes, market dynamics, failed transactions, and especially arbitrage activities, aiming to solve the Dynamic Fee Dilemma and introduce effective Rebate Structures. Traditional static fee models fall short in adapting to market shifts, missing critical opportunities to enhance market efficiency and fairness among all participants—traders, arbitrageurs, and LPs alike.

Dynamic fees emerge as a pivotal feature that can significantly improve the LP experience and profitability by addressing the intricate Trade-off Triangle: Slippage and failed transactions, MEV, and liquidity provider disincentives. Our objective is to foster a more equitable distribution of trading benefits, ensuring LPs can capitalize on high volatility and arbitrage activities without disproportionately disadvantaging average traders.

Xtreamly addresses critical DeFi challenges head-on:

  1. Market Imbalances: Our solution mitigates discrepancies between CEXs and DEXs, managing arbitrage opportunities to prevent market imbalances and inefficiencies.

  2. Inefficient Arbitrage: By regulating arbitrage, we minimize its negative impacts, such as increased slippage and destabilized liquidity pools, encouraging sustained participation in the DeFi ecosystem.

  3. Liquidity Provider Disincentives: Our system ensures arbitrage activities contribute positively to the ecosystem, preserving LP incentives to maintain essential liquidity within DEXs.

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