🧰How Developers Can Use Xtreamly

Xtreamly offers a powerful suite of tools and a collaborative network designed to optimize the options market through AI-driven precision and shared insights. Start integrating today and experience the future of risk management and trading efficiency.

API Integration

Developers can integrate Xtreamly’s AI-driven forecasting APIs into their applications to access real-time data for volatility, slippage, and gas price predictions. This integration enables enhanced decision-making and risk management for LPs, arbitrageurs, and block builders.

  • Volatility Prediction API: Retrieve up-to-date volatility forecasts to optimize trading strategies.

  • Dynamic Slippage API: Access real-time slippage predictions to manage transaction costs effectively.

  • Gas Price Prediction API: Utilize gas price forecasts to optimize transaction timing and costs on the blockchain.

Network Participation

Developers can participate in Xtreamly’s collaborative hedging network by contributing data and benefiting from shared insights. This participation not only enhances the overall accuracy of predictions but also provides access to a broader range of market data.

  • Data Contribution: Share market data to improve AI prediction models.

  • Network Incentives: Earn incentives by contributing valuable data and participating in the protection premium system.

Block Builder Optimization

Block builders can leverage Xtreamly’s high-precision data to optimize transaction sorting strategies. By prioritizing transactions from LPs who have paid the protection premium, block builders can ensure reduced loss risks and improved transaction efficiency.

  • Transaction Sorting API: Access data to optimize transaction placement within blocks.

  • Premium Prioritization: Ensure prioritized transaction handling for LPs participating in the protection premium system.

Getting Started

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on the Xtreamly platform to access API documentation and developer tools.

  2. API Keys: Generate API keys to integrate Xtreamly’s forecasting capabilities into your applications.

  3. Documentation: Refer to our detailed API documentation for implementation guidelines and code examples.

  4. Community Support: Join our developer community for support, updates, and collaboration opportunities.

  5. Hackathons: Join the hackathons we support to unleash your creativity, collaborate with like-minded developers, and explore innovative solutions using Xtreamly’s powerful tools.

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